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July 24th, 2012


I just thought I'd get down in writing some of my thoughts today. I am so appreciative of Fine Art America and Brian for creating such a platform for all of us to be able to share our images, biographies and descriptions throughout this beautiful world of ours. I enjoy browsing the images, but I also throughly enjoy reading the biographies. They are so very interesting and diverse. The titles and descriptions are also something that I find so much fun. Truly, most people in the fine arts field have multiple talents that come out in other forms, such as writing, humor and insight in those descriptions and titles.

In exploring an artist's "body of work", I find that I can tell so much about that person as an individual, which I find extremely interesting. It seems like a magnifying glass to me, if you will, into their souls and spirits, for all of us only capture what is of meaning to us at the time. They are creating a last memory for themselves, as well as anyone else who would be interested in viewing it at some point in time in the future.

Not only is it satisfying to be able to upload our images to share, but I have found it a great joy to feel part of such a large group of humanity who care about people and God's creations around us. I find myself not only checking on my own website to see who has visited or made any comments, but constantly visit other images and profiles while browsing from one screen to the next. FAA provides this great sense of COMMUNITY . . . WORLDWIDE COMMUNITY!! Not just in portraying all of the greed, violence, corruption and dreadfulness of the world, (as most media are obsessed with doing currently), but FAA provides fun, peacefulness, cheerfulness, excitement, friendship, passion and most of all . . . encouragement!!!!

Encouragement to all to "give it a shot" . . . take that first step and feel free to be who you would like to be . . as long as it doesn't hurt anyone or break the law. We EACH are of such value and have special talents and abilities unique to each individual. Of all of the millions of images on FAA, it blows my mind how very unique they all are. Even like subject matters are displayed in different angles, times of day and season, ranges of distance, etc.

We all have these wonderful "tape recorders" called minds and memories where we can recall images from the past we wish to review again, but a photograph, painting, drawing, etc. captures that memory not only for us to enjoy, but to share with the world for them to enjoy as well. What a gift!

In summation, I know I speak on behalf of so many here on FAA who extend our heartfelt appreciation for this wonderful venue!